Episode 97 – Russ Miller & Bob Terry w/ NFUZD

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Drumsmack TV Episode 97: Brad Crowell, Bob Terry, Jeff Sorenson & Russ Miller

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Watch out now!

What a blast to have Russ Miller back on the show tonight! He brought with him a very special guest from one of his most recent projects: Bob Terry, the International A&R for NFUZD.

After the news, we learned an important trade secret: how to get your honorary doctorate in music! It involves some international travel, lots of drumming and some very specific happenstance… 🙂 Russ was kind enough to hold up his PHD for us. See the pic below.

Then we reviewed the killer snare that Russ designed with Mapex, the Black Panther. It’s an incredibly versatile snare that Russ finds himself using 90% of the time now. Worth checking out for certain.

NFUZD Audio logo

Russ helped develop NFUZD Audio

Next, the conversation shifted over to the NFUZD project. Not only did Russ have a big hand in development of the gear, but he also introduced Bob Terry to the team, and he’s now their head A&R. Bob’s a notable drummer himself, so we’re going to make sure to have him on a future episode.

Watch Drumsmack TV Episode 97 with Russ Miller & Bob Terry:

Drumsmack TV Bob Terry

Drumsmack TV Guest Bob Terry

Drumsmack TV Russ Miller PHD

Drumsmack TV Russ Miller with Honorary Doctorate

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