Episode 80 – Rich Redmond

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Drumsmack TV Episode 80: Jeff Sorenson, Brad Crowell, Rich Redmond & Michael Murphy

Super excited to bring Rich Redmond, drummer for country superstar Jason Aldean, author of FUNdamentals™ of Drumming for Kids and record producer back onto Drumsmack TV after his previous skype-in during episode 13.

Since we, at Drumsmack, have our sources, we dug into Rich’s past and asked about the jobs he held before his first drumming gig took off. Talk about pieces of flare!

Rich talked a bunch about his CRASH Course for Success, outlining and emphasizing the need for a positive attitude as you progress through your music career. Then he told us about his new book and where you can find it.

We had a blast. Rich is super encouraging to new musicians. Check it out!

Watch Rich Redmond on Drumsmack TV Episode 80:

PS, happy birthday to our favorite Michael Murphy!!

Drumsmack TV Happy Birthday Michael Murphy

Happy Birthday Michael Murphy!

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