Ray Blanco – Drummer, TV Host

Drumsmack TV Guest Ray Blanco

Drumsmack TV Guest Ray Blanco

Ray Blanco was exposed to music since birth. His grandfather made a living supporting his family by playing the violin and upright bass for LA Local 47. His older sisters and their boyfriends introduced him to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Motley Crue, and many more. His friends introduced him to Minor Threat, Fugazi, Metallica, Bad Religion, Snapcase, Iron Maiden, Refused, Earth Crisis, Far.

In his own words:
“I create things for a living. Music, Photography, Film & Business. In between designing my own websites with forum boards, streaming music and videos (long before the myspaces, facebooks, and youtubes) and touring with my hardcore band Countervail, I began producing music videos and films for Director Darren Doane & writer Ken Daurio….I began working for the band Far and did everything from guitar tech to managing and I also created a band called Home Town Hero. We signed to Maverick/Warner Bros, recorded a record at Morning View, and toured with a bunch more bands. In 2000 I founded Generator with talented director Derek Dale and continued my passion for producing music videos. [I was] Kicked out of Home Town Hero in April 2003, Moved to West Virginia, found myself, moved back to California. Started a band called Fader and won best band in Hollywood. Started The Bangkok Five and continued touring after releasing records on Universal & Sony records. While on tour in 2008 we almost got killed by a tornado, our personal lives had fallen apart and we met Brad Greenspan the creator of MySpace.

“We chose a new business model for the band and went home to make music in the studio instead of touring. Started our own label & entertainment business solutions company Indiemedia Inc.
[We had] dealings with Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys, Rob Thomas, I hired a personal assistant and almost bought a 3.2 million dollar condo at the Ritz in downtown LA before moving to Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica where years earlier I invested and partnered in the LowTide Lounge Bar & Restaurant. Having lived in Costa Rica for nearly 2 years, I travelled to Berlin to begin the LA Kings 2011-1012 season and returned to the states in May 2012 to watch the LA Kings become Stanley Cup Champions. In the past year, tb5 has began playing shows in preparation for the release of a new album ‘White Witch’; LowTide Lounge just opened a new location in Jaco, Costa Rica; And now I have been gifted the amazing opportunity to host Baptized By Fire with my amazingly talented and beautiful co-host DJ ASRA.”

See Ray Blanco on Drumsmack TV Episode 32

Ray Blanco Playing Underwater

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