Episode 64 – Vaultmeister & Drummer Joe Travers

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Drumsmack TV Episode 64: Brad Crowell, Joe Travers, Jeff Sorenson & Michael Murphy

Vaultmeister and drummer Joe Travers joined us after almost a year of his first visit on Episode 8. He had quite a lot to share, including Emmy Nominations, the Iowa State Fair, Moogfest and more. He even shared about a band he’s put together, Joe Travers and Friends.

Tune in and laugh along, welcome Michael Murphy back (after last week’s hiatus) and join us for Episode 64 of Drumsmack TV.

Watch Joe Travers, Drummer & Vaultmeister on Drumsmack TV Episode 64:

What is a Vaultmeister? Check it out here:

Oh yeah, and we always have fun:

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Drumsmack TV – Meet the Vaultmeister


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    Amazing collection..Gold Mine


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    Gold Mine Collection!!


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