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Drumsmack TV Guests Tony Graci, Ernie Durawa & Homero Chavez

Tony Graci has worked as an in-house drummer, composer and instrumentalist for Limebeat Music and Sound in New York City. He has written TV themes for The Food Network and has written music for various TV and radio commercials. With his ability to perform all styles of music, this multi-instrumentalist has played drums and guitar on all of his compositions, as well as those written by his colleagues.

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Drumsmack TV Co-Founder Tony Graci

Drumsmack TV Co-Founder Tony Graci

In 2005, Tony released his debut solo instrumental album entitled “Reflections On Steel”. This is a collection of acoustic and slide guitar instrumentals, which were all written, recorded and produced by Tony himself. Currently, Tony is working on his second slide and acoustic guitar instrumental solo album. His fascination and love for the drums has inspired the preparation for his third album which will focus on Tony’s limitless drumming talent and will display his remarkable versatility and style as an exceptional drummer.


Tony recently moved to Music City USA, Nashville TN to become more involved with studio work, song writing, producing music and playing local gigs.

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