Episode 104 – Tommy Stewart

Drumsmack TV Episode 104: Tommy Stewart & Jeff Sorenson

Drumsmack TV EP104 Tommy Stewart

Tonight on Drumsmack TV, we were joined by former Godsmack drummer, Tommy Stewart! (And, as today is Oct 21, 2015, we’re pretty sure he was featured in Back to the Future II as well…)

After a brief stint with the news where we introduced Drumsome cymbal necklaces (here is there website), and actually read a story from the Associated Press about drummer Corey Jones who was mercilessly gunned down by Florida police officer Nouman Raja while trying to run away, Tommy joined us to talk about his drumming upbringing and how he landed his gig with Godsmack.

Tommy StewartHe told us about how he met the band, about joining them, touring a whole bunch and then moving on to other gigs with Fuel, Everclear and Lo-Pro. But during all of that, he was extremely focused on his physical body and how he played the drums, especially as he became an ISSA certified personal trainer in 1998.

After relocating (back) to Los Angeles, he founded Functional Body Movement, where he personally works with his clients to customize a training program designed for each individual to unlock the critical balance between mind and body, allowing them to perform at their optimal potential. Basically, if you want to look and feel better in your body, call Tommy.

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Watch Tommy Stewart on Drumsmack TV Episode 104:

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