Episode 123: Masato ‘Maz’ Baba of TAIKOPROJECT

Drumsmack TV EP123 - Masato Maz Baba TAIKOPROJECT

Drumsmack TV EP123 – Brad Crowell, Masato ‘Maz’ Baba (TAIKOPROJECT) & Jeff Sorenson

This episode welcomed Artistic Director of TAIKOPROJECT, Masato ‘Maz’ Baba to Drumsmack TV. Maz is a founding member of the project, which originated in 2003. This year, they get to re-open the Ford Theater right here in Los Angeles, on July 8, with the Grammy Award-winning Chicano rock band, Quetzal. Click here for details and tickets.

Drumsmack TV EP123 Masato Maz Baba TAIKOPROJECT solo

Drumsmack TV Guest, Masato Maz Baba of TAIKOPROJECT

He told us about how he got involved with Taiko drumming, and studying with his teacher in Hawaii. Then, after joining the project in 2003, Maz took a hiatus and went to Japan to study more about Taiko drumming. On his return to the States, he stepped back into the organization.

Baba walked us through the history of Taiko drumming, and its very beginnings (farmers used them to call for rain, and they were also used in times of war.) Then he told us about his family moving from San Francisco up to Northern California, where they also play Taiko drums. Maz was called into this life, and brought his passion down to Los Angeles, to start the “next generation” of Taiko interpretation and performance.

Watch Masato ‘Maz’ Baba from TAIKOPROJECT on Drumsmack TV Episode 123:

In case you thought we didn’t get silly on Drumsmack TV… here’s a quick red carpet photo of Jeff and Maz hamming it up.

Drumsmack TV EP123: Masato 'Maz' Baba & Jeff Sorenson

Drumsmack TV EP123: Masato ‘Maz’ Baba & Jeff Sorenson

Here’s a full video demo of TAIKOPROJECT:

Find out more about TAIKOPROJECT at their website, here.

In other news, Drumsmack TV is proud to have moved to the Zinna.TV network.

We mentioned David Anderson’s CD release of Resolute. Check out an interview with David about that here:
You can find the album on iTunes here.

Toss Panos shot a new video with Aquarian Drums:

Here’s that video that we mentioned during the news segment, of the Paiste Opening Santos in Ibiza 2016:

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