Episode 94 – Scott Kay & a Tribute to Jerry Jenkins with Scott Jenkins & Linda McDonald

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Drumsmack TV Episode 94: Brad Crowell, Linda McDonald, Jeff Sorenson, Scott Kay & Michael Murphy

With a bittersweet taste in our mouths, we welcomed our first Drumsmack TV producer, Linda McDonald, back onto the show to tell us about the passing of her dear friend (and previous Drumsmack TV guest) Jerry Jenkins. Jerry was one of the first guests we ever had on the show; he appeared in Episode 7 to talk about his love and passion for restoring old Blaemire fiberglass shells. He and his close friend started Jenkins Martin Drums. Jerry passed his expertise onto his son, Scott, who will continue make these drums. Scott was able to Skype in during this episode, sharing some great stories about his dad.

On a happier note, Linda was able to share a bit about her son, Chad Sexton, the infamous drummer for the band 311. They are releasing a Box Set, which can be ordered on their website here. Apparently, the band is also releasing a line of beer, which will be available at their upcoming Las Vegas and Omaha shows. Stay tuned for that!

After that, we were lucky to snag a few minutes with Scott Kay, who has drummed for The Commodores since 1989, before he headed to the airport for their next fly date. Scott told us about going to University of North Texas (Jeff’s alma mater) and the moving out to Los Angeles, becoming a pizza delivery guy and landing the gig that changed his career.

Watch the full episode below.

Watch Scott Kay & a Tribute to Jerry Jenkins with Scott Jenkins and Linda McDonald on Drumsmack TV Episode 94:

Tribute to Jerry Jenkins

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