Episode 65 – Russ Miller

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Drumsmack TV Episode 65: Brad Crowell, Jeff Sorenson, Russ Miller & Michael Murphy

Tonight, with a warm welcome, we were joined by legendary touring and studio musician Russ Miller. Russ relayed stories about playing with Ray Charles, on American Idol, his new signature snare drum with Mapex (and a tour he’s on with them in October of this year), and some tips on how to mic drums.

Before that, he shared about his third studio record of new material with his group Arrival. The album drops next Tuesday, so check it out on his website. He also spoke extensively about the online school that he launched in January of this year called Drum and Percussion University. Russ spent the better part of a year planning and recording over 600 minutes of lessons, and makes them available as one-offs, labs, unlimited access or even private direction from Russ himself. If you are looking for someone to help hone your drumming, check out drumandpercussionuniversity.com.

Drumsmack TV Episode 65 – Russ Miller:

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