Rock Science Introduces The Ultimate Drum Trivia Board Game

Rock Science The Original Board Game

Rock Science The Original Board Game

The Game from Rock Science is the Ultimate Drum Trivia Board Game! (not pictured)

From Bonham to Buddy and from Peart to Portnoy, the Ultimate Drum Trivia Game will explore the world of legendary drummers, drum history and fun facts about today’s top drummers of all genres.

It’s a board game for 2-6 players. The goal is to be the first to finish one lap around the board through the use of drum knowledge, clever betting and a bit of luck. Players answer questions about drummer anecdotes, myths, drummers past and present as well as legendary albums and songs. Questions cover players and performances of all genres including jazz, funk, rock metal, country and beyond.

All questions have three levels of difficulty: Poser, Fan and Scientist. Poser questions are easier so anyone can join the game. All players are always involved since they bet on each other’s rock knowledge. With intuitive rules and fast gameplay it’s quick to learn: only 60 minutes!

The Ultimate Drum Trivia Game: COMING SOON!

Rock Science The Original Board Game Poser

Rock Science: Poser, Fan or Scientist?

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About Rock Science:
Rock Science delivers games to rockers. The board game is the first product in the Rock Science family and is today sold in various language versions in the USA, the UK, Germany, and Scandinavia. Nuday AB, the company behind Rock Science, was founded in 2010 by rocker Jorge Bravo and gamer Sven Folkesson with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

The game has been created by a group of rockers and is all about hard rock knowledge. The goal was to turn rockers’ beer-fueled music arguments into a game that delivers unique and consistent entertainment. With 2,500 questions covering hundreds of influential rock bands from the 1960s up until today, this goal had been reached.

Rock Science has struck the rock world with awe. Fans, rock stars and critics have all praised the game. Rock Science will now be releasing games in several languages, as well as teaming up with others to make new exciting games. In addition to the first English version, the game has now been released in yet another three languages in 2012: German, Finnish and Swedish.

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