Episode 119 – Rich Redmond, JC Clifford, Sean Winchester & Friends

Drumsmack TV EP119 Rich Redmond JC Clifford Sean Winchester

Drumsmack TV Episode 119: Sean Winchester, Brad Crowell, Rich Redmond, Jeff Sorenson & JC Clifford

Tonight was a party! We had our dear friend Rich Redmond join us just a few days before his LA debut of his Drummer’s Weekend CRASH Course. The three day event is described in way more detail here, but it’s basically gonna rock, and students are flying in from around the world to participate.

Along with Rich was one of the partners of his PR/Marketing firm Scorpio Marketing, JC Clifford. You probably know JC already from his fervent passion for Drumtacs – which was no different in tonight’s show. He had BIG news for us about Drumtacs: they just got picked up for world wide dispensation by Big Bang Distribution, which will be taking them into 76 countries. A big congrats to them from the Drumsmack team!

Drumsmack TV: Rich Redmond, Sean Winchester & JC Clifford

Drumsmack TV Guests: Rich Redmond, Sean Winchester & JC Clifford

After that, Sean Winchester jumped into the booth to fill us in a bit more about Something Bot Metro, his wicked experimental jazz/rock fusion trio. Then, towards the end of the show, we had three more working drummers join us: Dennis Leeflang, Tosha Jones and Chip Rainone.

Role call!

Role call!

It was a super fun hang, and made for quite a show!

Watch Rich Redmond, JC Clifford and Sean Winchester on Drumsmack TV Episode 119:

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