Peter Erskine – Creator of the FREQUENT FLYER™ DW Drum Set at NAMM 2014

We had a chance to catch up with Peter Erskine at NAMM 2014 and hear him talk about his new invention, the FREQUENT FLYER™ Kit.

FREQUENT FLYER™: GO PLACES Peter Erskine approached the DW design team with a novel question,”What if there was a travel kit that didn’t sound like a travel kit?” Seems obvious enough, but the minds at DW had never tackled the quandary head-on, as it wasn’t a simple task. So they went to work on a kit that was just small enough to be travel-friendly, but also substantial enough to sound like a ‘real’ drum set should.

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  1. Roberto March 13, 2014 at 7:06 pm #

    Great question, Jane! NAMM has posetd a list of This really looks to me like a list of reasons to love and visit your music store anytime. I don’t see a listing of events or promotions specific to the weekend, so those may vary from store to store. You can locate your local music store on the Wanna Play Music site, linked from my original post.Seems like a great opportunity to just drop by a music store, do a little dreaming, play a little Stairway (oh wait NO Stairway ), buy some new guitar strings or maybe spring for that pre-CBS Fender Strat you’ve been eyeing.


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