Episode 92 – Matt Starr

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Drumsmack TV Episode 92: Brad Crowell, Matt Starr, Jeff Sorenson & Michael Murphy

Drumsmack TV welcomed Matt Starr onto the show, during episode 92. Matt is a beast: self-taught on drums. He also produces, holds clinics and teaches private students. During this episode we talked a bunch about his years of touring experiences, including being on the road with Ace Frehley (founding member of KISS) and the American heavy metal band, Mr. Big.

We also got super nerdy and started talking about 28″ kick drums, cymbal setups, playing the Bonzo Bash and the Ox and the Loon shows. All in all, a super great time, even though Matt had to split to go to his standing gig at the Hollywood Lucky Strike, for their weekly pro-jam. If you’re anywhere near LA on a Wednesday, you need to check that out. At the very least, read about it here.

Anyway, check it out below!

Watch Matt Starr on Drumsmack TV Episode 92:

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