Episode 30 – Matt Flynn & Russ Miller

Drumsmack TV Episode 30 - Matt Flynn & Russ Miller

Drumsmack TV Episode 30: Russ Miller, Jeff Sorenson & Matt Flynn (not pictured: Michael Murphy, Cameron Carbone & Brad Crowell)

Wow, what a fun one tonight! After some news and one riiiiiidiculous little video (included below), we welcomed Matt Flynn and Russ Miller into the Drumsmack TV studio at TradioV. Matt plays the drums for a little band named Maroon 5. You may have heard of them… We had a blast chatting with Matt, discussing the various styles he’s played over the years and how poor he is at knowing a great idea when he sees it (“You know guys, I don’t really know about this ‘Moves Like Jagger’ track”). Russ is a session master (Multiple year winner of Modern Drummer Magazine’s “Best Session Drummer” award), and was schooled under the tutelage of Mr. Peter Erskine. Russ still takes lessons even to this day, with the thought process being that “Hey, Tom Brady has a quarterback coach… Why shouldn’t I take my career as seriously?” Words to live by without a doubt. He was even kind enough to bring each of us a copy of his album “Arrival.” Can’t wait to give it a listen! Until next week.

Drumsmack TV Episode 30 – Matt Flynn & Russ Miller:

Ridiculous Video:

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