Episode 33 – Mark “Moke” Bistany & Donald Barrett

Drumsmack TV Episode 33 - Mark "Moke" Bistany & Donald Barrett:

Drumsmack TV Episode 33: Cameron Carbone, Brandon Covelli, Mark “Moke” Bistany, Jeff Sorenson, Donald Barrett & Brad Crowell

Really loved tonight’s episode, had so much fun!

We welcomed Puddle of Mudd and OTEP drummer/ producer Mark “Moke” Bistany into the DRUM Smack studio. Moke walked us through his history of playing from Berklee College of Music all the way to his successful producer status today. Oh, and a little bit about his love and collection of cars.

Next up was drum-extraordinaire Donald Barrett, a cat who’s played with some of the biggest artists in the world, from Colbie Caillat to Toni Braxton to P!nk. He told us some hilarious stories about his NAMM experiences and even discussed his awesome idea for a sitcom based around the lives of touring musicians. Donald’s a big fan of the show, and will be back, chilling in the corner with his shades on Mike Murphy style.

Drumsmack TV Episode 33 – Mark “Moke” Bistany & Donald Barrett:

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