Episode 82 – Liberty DeVitto, Sean R. Winchester + Thomas Lang Drumtacs Contest

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Drumsmack TV EP82: Michael Murphy, Jeff Sorenson, Sean R. Winchester & Brad Crowell

What a warm, friendly welcome Drumsmack TV received on our first Wednesday night at TradioV!

We kicked off the show with a clip of previous guest Thomas Lang introducing us to this great new product called Drumtacs. You can even win your own set if you can tell us the name of his dog (tweet @drumsmack or email us at groove@drumsmack.com).

After that, we aired an interview with Billy Joel’s long time drummer, Liberty DeVitto. He’s decided to change it up and is off doing projects of his own. Check the interview below.

Then, Berklee alumni Sean R. Winchester joined us for the last three segments. He shared a bit about his time in Boston, then coming back to Los Angles and landing the gig that put him on the map: Everclear. Since then he’s been gigging regularly and is most excited about his trio Something.Bot.Metro.

Check it out below…

Watch Drumsmack TV Episode 82 with Liberty DeVitto, Sean R. Winchester, Thomas Lang & Drumtacs:

Thomas Lang Drumtacs Contest:

Liberty DeVitto Interview from NAMM 2015:

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  1. Brian February 5, 2015 at 6:17 am #

    When I tried to watch the episode the background music was drowning out the audio of the individuals talking, which was barely audible. Not sure if it was my computer causing the problem but wanted to let you know. Thanks!


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