Episode 112: Jim Haler from Yamaha Drums

Drumsmack TV EP112 Jim Haler Yamaha

Drumsmack TV EP112: Brad Crowell, Jim Haler (Yamaha), Jeff Sorenson & Michael Murphy

Tonight we welcomed Yamaha’s Product Manager, their very own Jim Haler, to the show! If you’ve watched Drumsmack TV for a long time, you’ll remember our dear friend Greg Crane (Yamaha’s Artist Relations Manager)… Well, Greg and Jim go way back, and it was a blast to meet some more of the mystery behind the brand!

After quickly jumping into the weekly news, discussing Cuba, the Hit Like a Girl contest and more, we watched a short clip from Steve Gadd, where he talked about teaming up with Yamaha to release a revamped version of their iconic Recording Custom Drum Set. It was apparently a three year process.

Drumsmack TV EP112 Jim Haler Yamaha

Drumsmack TV EP112 Jim Haler Yamaha

Then Jim joined us, starting off with a review of how successful this year’s NAMM show was for them, due to the drum set’s release. They also had a virtual reality station set up of Steve Gadd on that kit – and that went over super well with the crowd. Then he filled us in on some of the technical details of the kit.

After a short break, we got to check out Yamaha revamped DTX-12 interface. It’s a whole lot more user friendly now, and they’ve coupled it with an iPad app to go with it!

Make sure not to miss the quick clip from Greg Crane Productions during segment 2…

Watch Jim Haler from Yamaha on Drumsmack TV Episode 112:

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  1. Steve Fortuna January 30, 2018 at 5:58 pm #

    I’m thinking of upgrading my DTX502 to the 900 series but is Yamaha working on new product line or software/functionality for DTX? You haven’t put out many new products for a while now and is Yamaha committed to e-drums with all the new competitors coming into the market?


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