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Drumsmack TV Gregg Potter

Drumsmack TV Guest Gregg Potter

Gregg Potter, who has most recently been drumming for the Buddy Rich Big Band, is a Chicago native who has been drumming since he could walk.

Gregg’s career began when he won the Slingerland/Louie Bellson National Drum Contest at the legendary Frank’s Drum Shop in Chicago. Still a teenager, he landed the drumming spot with radio icon Steve Dahl. Along with Dahl and his band, Teenage Radiation, Gregg scored two hit singles, performed on Dahl’s radio show, syndicated national shows, Emmy Award-winning television specials, feature film soundtracks, daily morning television shows, and live concert appearances.

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Gregg has performed with the likes of Joe Walsh, Rick Nielsen, Cheap Trick, Steve Stevens, Billy Idol, John Entwhistle, The Who, Jack Blades, Tommy Shaw, Damn Yankees, and Billy Squier, among others, which led to his first major label record deal with the group, SIREN. Recording, videos, and tours followed when SIREN’S first album, All Is Forgiven garnered two hit singles, received heavy MTV rotation and received massive radio airplay.

He touts the 25th Anniversary Buddy Rich Memorial Concert at the London Palladium with the Buddy Rich Band as his career highlight. He had the chance to share the stage with drummers Dave Weckl, Gavin Harrison, John Blackwell, Ian Paice and Ginger Baker. In addition, he fondly remembers 2009 as another career highlight, when Sabian made him a set of Buddy Rich custom prototype cymbals.

In 2012, Gregg received an EMMY Award with his band BLACKBOX (and Cheap Trick guitar legend Rick Nielsen) for their televised live performance.

When not teaching clinics, Gregg writes for Modern Drummer. You can read one of his articles about the BRRB here.

You can find more information about Gregg on his website, here.

Gregg Potter (photo by Alex Kluft)

Gregg Potter (photo by Alex Kluft)

Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Dino Danelli, Ian Paice, Tommy Aldridge and with YOUTUBE there are too many modern influences to list.

“Chupacabra”, Supermercado
“All Is Forgiven”, SIREN

“Roar of 74”, Buddy Rich
“MF Horn Volume One”, Maynard Ferguson
“Aja”, Steely Dan
“KISS Alive”, KISS
“Go For What You Know”, Pat Travers Band

Playing the 25th

20″ AA Crash/ Ride Brilliant finish


  1. Mark Silva August 22, 2019 at 9:52 pm #

    Amazing Drummer ❤️
    ~. Marky Silva
    Tampa, Florida


  2. Gary A Peters February 25, 2020 at 11:01 pm #

    Greg was my neighbor down the block in Chicago on Karlov. Later at same HS in the burbs.


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