Episode 103 – Gregg Potter & Cathy Rich (in studio)

Drumsmack TV EP103 Gregg Potter Cathy Rich

Drumsmack TV EP103: Brad Crowell, Gregg Potter, Cathy Rich, Jeff Sorenson & Michael Murphy

Hold on to your hats, ladies and gents, as Gregg Potter & Cathy Rich took us for a wild ride during Episode 103! This time, they joined us live in the studio (which was a whole lot more clear than when they joined us on Episode 84 from “somewhere outside of Chicago”.)

They are here in LA to spend time with friends and rehearse the band before playing the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood this Friday night. You can get your tickets here.

This episode contained lots of sharks. Seriously. Sharks from Jaws, shark suits, and even a shout out from our booth coordinator Jake who started a competition! Gregg also told us about a friendly drum-off with Steve Smith, hanging with Erskine and Weckl, and others.

Watch Gregg Potter & Cathy Rich on Drumsmack TV Episode 103:

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