Episode 120 – Frank Zummo

Drumsmack TV Episode 120: Michael Murphy, Frank Zummo, Jeff Sorenson & Brad Crowell

Drumsmack TV Episode 120: Michael Murphy, Frank Zummo, Jeff Sorenson & Brad Crowell

Tonight was a night of quite a few firsts… first show on ZHollywood TV, first time crashing our website and first time welcoming Frank Zummo, drummer of Sum 41 and Street Drum Corps!

Drumsmack TV has proudly moved from TradioV over to ZHollywood TV, after THREE YEARS being on the air – and what an epic show to celebrate those three years! Thank you for being with us along this amazing journey. If we haven’t met you in person yet, please call in during the show, tweet at us, or find us at NAMM next year.

Drumsmack TV Frank Zummo Jeff Sorenson

Frank Zummo & Jeff Sorenson

After a quick slideshow reminiscing on the 119 episodes prior to this one, we hit the news. And the biggest news came to Brad as we welcomed our guest onto the show – people began texting that they couldn’t watch the show on the website – and we found out the entire site was down! Thanks to some quick work by our web team over at StripedRhino.com, the site was saved, but the show must go on…

Frank started off by telling us about his most recent tour with Sum 41 where they wrapped it up in South East Asia, visiting China and Japan. After that he revealed a bit about his home life, before talking about his first love, Street Drum Corps. He told us all about the logistical side of orchestrating tours for drum corps while traveling between China and Japan – sounds complicated to us!

Watch Frank Zummo on Drumsmack TV Episode 120:

Drumsmack TV Guest Frank Zummo

Drumsmack TV Guest Frank Zummo

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