Episode 115: JJ Garcia & Darren Keith

Drumsmack TV EP115 JJ Garcia

Drumsmack TV EP115: Brad Crowell, Jeff Sorenson, JJ Garcia, Michael Murphy & Darren Keith (not pictured)

Darren Keith of "DK the Gig"

Darren Keith of “DK the Gig” on Drumsmack TV

Change up! Drumsmack TV welcomes drummer, writer and film maker Darren Keith to Episode 115, showcasing the launch of his YouTube show, “DK the Gig,” along with Associate Editor for Hits Magazine, JJ Garica.

Tonight we skipped the news, and went straight into a Skype call with Darren. He’s a Philadelphia guy, so I (Brad) immediately liked him. We had the chance to talk about how “DK the Gig” was conceptualised, and then shot. Darren told us about the cast and crew, the intention behind the quality of the set, the actors and ultimately that he’s ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign to finish making Season 1. Well, Darren, we’re all about you finishing your show – keep us in the loop!

For those who are wondering, check out the teaser for “DK the Gig,” below, and then you can watch the full episode during segment one of the show (also below.)

Then, JJ joined us in-studio, to talk about his life as a working drummer. He’s toured, managed, booked and now writes and edits for a magazine – veritably done it all, folks. His band, Bo and The Bluesdrivers, plays all over southern California and up into Nevada. Tune in – they know how to rock.

Watch “DK the Gig” Teaser:

Watch JJ Garcia & Darren Keith on Drumsmack TV Episode 115

Drumsmack TV EP115 JJ Garcia

Drumsmack TV Gues, JJ Garcia

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