Episode 113: Denny Seiwell

Drumsmack TV EP113 Denny Seiwell

Drumsmack TV EP113: Brad Crowell, Denny Seiwell, Jeff Sorenson & Michael Murphy

Drumsmack TV welcomed back Denny Seiwell, to talk about the release of his new instructional book, “What Not to Play – A Drummer’s Guide to Crafting a Drum Part.” He told us, “I’d have never written it if they didn’t ask me to,” but from our interview with him it sounds like he’s glad he did. (Link to the book here.)

However, before we were joined by Denny, we had to take a very sad, unfortunate stop, to remember our dear friend, Joe Hibbs. Joe passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. He was loved by all who knew him. Jeff spent a lot of time putting together a commemorative video for Joe and we aired it at the end of segment one. You can also see it embedded below.

During the second segment, Denny told us he’s been keeping super busy with his new book, a trio and a new band called Route 66. We honed in on how he came up with the contents of his book, and he shared his insightful views on listening differently to the music… to listen inside the music to find different parts to play – leaving so much room for creativity.

You’ll just have to watch the show to find out more!

Watch Denny Seiwell on Drumsmack TV Episode 113:

Drumsmack TV Denny Seiwell

Drumsmack TV Guest, Denny Seiwell

Commemorating Mr. Joseph Hibbs:

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