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Drumsome Cymbal necklace
If you’ve not yet heard us talk about our favorite cymbals yet, then you wouldn’t know that those cymbals are actually a super hip jewelry line based out of Zurich, Switzerland called DRUMSOME!

Drumsmack has mentioned Drumsome on two episodes now, and interviewed the founder Andre Meier on one, all shown below these incredible pictures of this jewelry. We proudly wear these necklaces, and think you should too.

Get some at DRUMSOME.CH.

About DRUMSOME: André is a college student in Switzerland and started Drumsome after breaking one of his cymbals and wearing a chard around his neck. Encouragement from his friends found him hand-crafting additional necklaces, but it soon became apparent that more efficiency was required. Today, André works closely with cymbal companies to source unsellable cymbals, which he then transforms into necklaces by laser cutting and drilling.





DRUMSOME Mention on Drumsmack TV Episode 104:

DRUMSOME Interview on Drumsmack TV Episode 105:

DRUMSOME Mention on Drumsmack TV Episode 108:

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  1. Rochelle Shonley February 12, 2016 at 8:23 pm #

    Hello..Who do I contact to get a legendary drummer on your radio show? His name is Clifton L. Eddie. Everyone in the music industry know him by Fou Fou the drummer. He is the original drummer of the Dells ,the Chi Lites , Patti LaBelle and the Ojay’s. He was also in the Oscar nominated movie Whiplash in which actor JK Simmons won the Oscar. Fou Fou was JK’s drummer in the movie. He is also coming out in a new movie called LaLaLand with John Legend, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. He will soon be on the Red Carpet for this movie. He is quite a character and rich in music history and stories, since he has lived it and done it.. Please contact me for an interview my name is Rochelle Shonley. I am his manager
    My number is 818-219-7951. .Thank You and God Bless.


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