Episode 101 – Bruce Becker

Bruce Becker teaching live drum  lessons on Drumsmack TV

Bruce Becker teaching live drum lessons on Drumsmack TV

Tonight, for the full hour, we welcomed back notable drum educator Bruce Becker, for an update and live lessons.

Bruce recapped the 2013 release of his DVD Concepts and Philosophies, which he released it himself. He’s currently in the process of re-releasing it for larger distribution with a publishing company.

Bruce Becker lessons on Drumsmack TV

Bruce Becker lessons on Drumsmack TV

He is also just wrapping a few pieces for his upcoming book which centers around the development of odd-time playing. He is focused on fine tuning and hearing phrases in odd time signatures (developed on stress points). In his book, he walks the reader through the puzzles of odd time signatures, showcasing how to incorporate the song’s melodic ideas into your groove. His book is built on his personal experiences of sessions and a Brazilian book that focused on hearing rhythms over the bar lines and adapting to the time signature.

Bruce has also been doing lots of teaching and been a regular on DRUMCHANNEL.COM.

As you probably know, Bruce spent a solid decade learning from and hanging with the legendary drummer Freddie Gruber, so tonight we picked his brain and got some live drum lessons, techniques and exercises form him, starting off with the age-old question, “What is the best grip?”

Bruce talked about the stabilization of the thumb, and how it works for all three of the major grips, analyzed the playing and technique of John Bonham and talks about playing big without moving big.

Check it out!

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