Episode 87 – Brian Vibberts, Marcel James & Antelope Audio

Drumsmack TV EP87 Brian Vibberts Marcel James Antelope Audio 825x549

Drumsmack TV Episode 87: Brad Crowell, Brian Vibberts, Marcel James, Jeff Sorenson & Michael Murphy

Drumsmack TV Marcel James Antelope Audio

Drumsmack TV Guest Marcel James of Antelope Audio

Tonight on Drumsmack TV we met up with U.S. Director of Sales and Marketing for Antelope Audio, Marcel James and five time Grammy Award winning mixer and producer, Brian “Dr. Vibb” Vibberts. The conversation revolved around Antelope’s mobile recording tool, the Zen Studio.

After the news, Marcel introduced us to the Zen Studio, showing off this 4 pound, bright red wonder. He told us about how he has used it to record live shows, in studio and anywhere you would need to record. We played a few clips of the Zen Studio in action, but live and in the studio.

Then Dr. Vibb joined us! Brian is a Berklee grad who has worked across multiple genres while engineering, producing and mixing. This past year he added another Grammy to his belt. He has also been working closely with Antelope for a few years and is quite a proponent of their gear.

Check it all out below!

Watch Brian Vibberts, Marcel James & Antelope Audio on Drumsmack TV Episode 87:

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