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Drumsome on Drumsmack TV

If you’ve not yet heard us talk about our favorite cymbals yet, then you wouldn’t know that those cymbals are actually a super hip jewelry line based out of Zurich, Switzerland called DRUMSOME! Drumsmack has mentioned Drumsome on two episodes now, and interviewed the founder Andre Meier on one, all shown below these incredible pictures […]

Chris Moore – Drummer & Author

Drumsmack TV Chris Moore 760x500

Drummer and author Chris Moore is based out of Los Angeles, and spends his a large part of his time in the studio laying down the drums on individual tracks, albums, soundtracks, commercials and movie trailers. He has also toured the world with DAMAGE, CRY WOLF, DILANA (Rockstar Supernova), DEATHRIDERS (fronted by original Anthrax vocalist […]

Episode 105: Lucky Lehrer – Drummer

Drumsmack TV EP105 Lucky Lehrer 760x500

Score! Lucky Lehrer, drummer for Circle Jerks joined us tonight on Episode 105! Before we introduced Lucky, Jeff broke the news that he would be playing the legendary Baked Potato in Studio City with the Pete Anderson Trio. After that, we were excited to introduce the founder of DRUMSOME necklaces, made out of Switzerland, André […]

Lucky Lehrer – Punk Drummer

Drumsmack TV Lucky Lehrer 760x500

“I’ve been playing the drums since I was nine,” Lucky Lehrer recalls, starting on a Roger’s Holiday snare drum in the elementary school orchestra. In middle school, I was palling around with my best friend Marty Fera (drummer with Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh). “Marty’s dad taught clarinet at CSUN and would take us to […]