About Drumsmack TV – A weekly live show about drums, drummers & drumming

About Drumsmack TV

Drumsmack TV Logo smallDrumsmack TV is a 60-minute weekly interactive radio show hosted by professional drummer, Jeff Sorenson and is currently broadcast on TradioV, which is available in San Francisco, New York, Denver, Los Angeles and online.

This show is all about drums, drummers and drumming.  Plain and simple.  The idea is to create an environment where everyone is a part of the conversation: professionals and amateurs, young and old, drummers and other musicians.  All ages, all levels, all experiences.   Any topic or guest on the show will be interesting to the listener as a musician and as a fan.

The show has three goals: it’s Informal, Informational, and Interactive.  There’s substance, but with a lot of fun and humor thrown in so that the listener is getting a lot of information that doesn’t feel overwhelming or boring.  The social media aspect will be big for us to communicate with our audience via Facebook, Twitter, and Skype.  Everyone’s welcome into the conversation.

 The show will feature vendors explaining and demonstrating their latest products, music news and other topics important to both amateur drum enthusiasts and veteran professionals, such as health and nutrition, technology and advice from working professionals across all music genres on how to break into and survive in the music business.

Each Drumsmack TV show  is divided into four segments.  One of those segments includes The Hang, an informal conversation with working musicians, primarily drummers, who will share their professional expertise.  The Hang segment will also include questions from listeners via email, Twitter, Facebook and Skype.